Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tan dreams and a lavender doll

I've lately been through my own Flickr stream and looking at my Enne (Pukifee Ante version). I miss her at times a lot, she was such a little cutie and posed so well. Too bad that her creamy resin turned into green, and my Pocketfairies kinda stole her place, but yeah.

I've ended up selling all my 16 cms away (Pukifee Ante, Pukifee Luna, Latidoll Lea, Asleep Eidolon Peppermint), but I still think I might want my luck with one in the future. A friend gave me an idea to try a tan Pukifee if Fairyland still releases them in the future :3 That might work well since I really like Pukifees, but I had such bad luck with their WS and I'm trying to concentrate on special resins now. Their tan seems really nice <3 I haven't decided the mold yet, we'll see...

Of course I'm also always interested if Bluefairy releases more tanned Tinyfairies :D There is always space for a tan TF girl in my doll collection.


Image from Hasbro.

I also caved in and ordered a Blythe doll. She's Lavender Hug, and I chose her entirely because she has a pastel hair :P She's already in Finland, so I should recieve her very soon. I ordered her some Licca dresses from Ebay, and I also have some Dollybirds with Blythe patterns <3

I mostly ordered her because I want to make stuff for Blythes as well, and she is really cute. A Jerryberry doll is also on my wishlist, and maybe a Middie Blythe? My Blythe will be called Sinisade which means 'wisteria' in Finnish, chosen because of her hair color of course. I would like to change her eye chips into something cuter, but we'll see if I ever get it done :P

I'm quite excited, it's been years since I last had these big-headed dolls! (I started my doll hobby with Pullip dolls but sold them all away as BJDs came.) I'm glad that I've learned to take it easy with this hobby - not all dolls have to be masterpieces with rich characters and awesome styles and you don't have to hug them everyday and cry with happiness when you see them. You can have dolls which are just cute and have absolutely no other function. That's what Sinisade will be - she won't get a character, she will sit in the shelf when I do other things. But she will be damn cute when she does that!

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