Saturday, February 28, 2015

Whoops, what's this?

Well oh well. I surely wasn't expecting this - when I went to pick up parcels from the post office, one of them was quite large. "What's in here" I wondered before remember that yeah, I had ordered Zora from Doll Chateau before Christmas. There was no notice about her shipment, so well, she kinda caught me by surprise xD

Lace fairy

Here she's almost straight from the box! So pretty *3* I named her Im.


With makeup and some customizations.


Tiny and fragile

And a comparison shot with Hilde, my Soom Yrie. Im is so small and fragile compared to her! (And Hilde is so yellow but let's not care about that xP She's old.)

I decided to give faceupping a go as it feels like the local faceup artists are not very active at the moment - hey, cannot blame anyone, I too rather concentrate on my IRL stuff and my own dolls :D So I thought I could start doing at least simple blushings and faceups myself. I'm not the best out there and I have no skills with acrylics yet, but I want to learn ^3^ Luckily Zora has very strong features and her character is a spirit, so I didn't have to try anything complicated :D

The next stop - some proper clothing for her!


  1. Oh she's beautiful, I think she fits perfectly into your resin crew! ♥

    1. Thank you! <3 She's really beautiful sculpt, one of my favourites from Doll Chateau *3* (They're not all to my liking honestly but this one works very well :D)