Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bit sad

After reading the DA journals of two fellow Finnish BJD hobbyists, I felt like googling up my most popular doll photos to see where they have ended up. To my disappointment, I found them too in some blogs and other places, uncredited and no link back :<

You are very free to share my work, of course, that's why I post it on Tumblr and other sites. Hey, more people see it, more people come for more, more people go to my Etsy and buy my stuff, right :D I fully appreciate every appropriate reblog and the fact that you like my dolls <3

But this works ONLY if the credit is there, and it seems this is not always the case. Surely nobody means any real harm, but please remember it takes time and effort to take photos, they just don't magically appear from thin air for your viewing pleasure. I know that places like Pinterest and Tumblr are full of pretty pictures and it's so easy to get lost in them, collect and re-post...but the link to the original creator / source is what counts. So that people can come for more, appreciate the effort and support the original artists.

I have so much photos online it would be next to impossible to edit them, but for the future, I will add a small watermark to my doll photos. (Hopefull nobody crops it off ^^;) And please remember I have an own doll Tumblr - just reblog my doll stuff from there, it's there exactly for that reason!

Luckily this one hasn't gone out of hand yet, thanks to all you nice and sensible people out there <3


  1. Kurja kuulla että sinunkin kuvat on lähteneet liikkeelle ilman kunnollisia crediittejä :( Tuntuu että tässä viime vuosina moinen on suorastaan räjähtänyt käsistä...

    1. Joo :/ Espanjankielisiä kuvienkeräilyblogeja löytyi kun vähän googlaili, ei ne nyt toki väitä että kaikki eri firmoista yms. kerätyt nukkekuvat niiden omia olisi mutta silti :x Noh, pitää joku nätti siisti vesileima varmaan yrittää saada aikaan, eipä tuota muuten voi estää. Pöh pöh!

  2. I'm very sorry and this is frustrating. Adding a watermark doesn't really solve the problem, but it helps. Cheer up!