Saturday, June 15, 2013

So bright lime

Bright lime

Eep, sorry about spamming her, but I finally got my spring Leeke wig. This is their Bright Lime and boy is it perfect for Shua. I actually squeed aloud xD I wish I had ordered more, all those colours are so pretty. Too bad my wallet didn't agree with me...

Hopefully Leeke will re-run these spring colours again because I sure want more. I'm especially crying after Misty Green. Not that my dolls really need more green wigs, I already have four dolls with green hair (Shua, Gert, Hiu and my Monster High Fishfish). At the moment I have no doll with blue hair, so if I still need to invent a hair colour to someone, I think I should go with pale blue.


My friends showed me web clips of Ever After High, and I think I must buy one or two when the dolls come out xD I fell in love with Mad Hatter's daughter, she's just so pastel-y and crazy, what a surprise. If they really share bodies with Monster Highs, I'm so doomed! Okay, doomed to purchase one.

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