Saturday, March 7, 2015

Caught in the animu craze xD

After looking at cute Azone photos enough in Instagram and such, I finally decided to cave in and order myself some anime-faced cuteness. Well, uh, I maybe went a little bit overboard, butbutbut...hehe. The first girl arrived today, so I took a quick shot of her:

Magical Rou

Well, she's not Azone apparently, but Petite P-Chan from Parabox / Obitsu. A good starter doll as she's bit cheaper, probably because she comes wigless and without clothes. She's on Obitsu 25 cm body with small bust and in "white skin" (which really isn't white if you ask me xD). She's a cutie, love Obitsu's hands! Although I must admit she's about the only Obitsu face that I like ^^; Yeah, I'm picky...

I named her Rou and got her a cheap-ish starter wig from Ebay because her head is bit larger than I expected. Her wig size is probably 4.5 - 5 inches, and that's a difficult size to find. Luckily there is always Dollwig, I'm just waiting for them to put up a perfect wig for her ^^ (None of the currently listed ones really clicked...) The wig on the photo is an older wig from them and too small, it stays on with a prayer xP

Darn, she also invited some Azone friends over :B I sold some of my unnecessary BJD stuff (thanks to nice buyers!) so I got some extra doll funds - and you know where this is going xP

(Pictures from Azone because both girls are still on the way.)

My first purchase, Classic Alice Chesire Cat Aika (smile version)! Damn Azone has long names. I bought her mostly because I found a seller who listed some nude Azone dolls, and amongst them she was my favourite. I do like Azone outfits, but I plan to customize my own so I don't really need their stock outfits.

And the second girl, EX Cute Princess Chiika. Chiika is my favourite Azone face sculpt, so I was happy to find her with reasonable price through Amiami :) I plan to change her hair though to look more Kinoko Juice Chiika - loved that release but the aftermarket prices were bit too much xP

Yay anime dolls! And all the cute Re-ments and other things I can buy for them!


  1. Oih siulle on enemmänkin Azone-söpöyttä tulossa! *v* Odotan innolla millainen tästä Chiikasta tulee~ Tämä Parabox/Obitsu-tyttönenkin on hirmusuloinen ja sopii teikäläisen pastellijengiin täydellisesti ^^

    1. Hii, kiitoksia! <3 Alkuperäinen suunnitelma ei ollut ehkä ihan näin vauhdikkaasti aloittaa uuden nukkesarjan rakentamista, mutta innostuin vähän kun sain täsmämyytyä jotain itselleni täysin tarpeettomia BJD-juttuja xD