Monday, March 31, 2014

Foldio arrived

My hubby dearest bought me a Foldio as a combined birthday / Christmas gift <3 It's a small lightbox with LED light strips and produces nice images of smaller objects. I of course use mine for BJD photography, although I could also photograph other miniatures and some accessories.

Gert in a Foldio

Gert is just the right size to fit in, so she got to be the model. I got two LED strips, and I also enhanced the image with Pixlr Editor afterwards*. Outside it was pitch dark, so I'd say this thing does its job very well. Maybe they'll create a bigger size later? I wouldn't mind one for my MSDs as well!

(* Double the main layer, set property to screen, adjust the opacity so that the picture looks good and not too edited.)

Gert's the cutest little cookie ever, no?

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