Saturday, March 15, 2014

That mad she-wolf

Old forest

Lady in black

Happy Ebay shopping brought me some new things: a photography background (damn that thing is impossible to get un-wrinkly!) and a stand, finally. Now I can photograph Hecate standing without having to fear for those precious claw hands. I'm quite sure they would go all over the place if she fell ^^; She also has new clothes that I bought and made - the corset top and the shrug are by yours truly. I love sewing on details ;3

They call Hecate "the butterfly queen" but she's really a mad she-wolf. Old, strong, smart, crazy and has a temper of a volcano. She surely brings chaos wherever she goes, but she's the most dedicated mother ever. One of my favourite characters, and I really should write about her, I know...

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