Saturday, April 12, 2014

Almost seven years old

I had a little outdoor shooting couple of weeks ago. I didn't get many good photos because I was silly and shot in dire sunlight, so hello to the massive over-exposure :< Luckily I did get some, so here's my Aegis and how he currently looks:

Button eyes

Off to explore!

Forest boy

It's funny to think that he's turning seven this summer. He's my first BJD which I got back in 2006, when Angelregion was still a separate company. They were selling "unfinished kits" which went quite cheap - back in the day, 250 dollars for a MSD was cheap. I had no previous BJD experience before I got him, I had just briefly held a friend's doll before and that's that. So it was quite an adventure to string him. Luckily Angelregion was friendly and provided the doll with a manual / guide to help. He's been through many changes since, changing hair color, style and makeup. Something has always remained, and that's his character's silly hyper personality.

As I've switched to SDs as my main adult characters, he has also turned into a kid instead a teenager his character once was.


I dug out the oldest photo I have of him in Flickr (summer 2007). Yep, ummm, well, he's colourful at least. I still have that shirt for him though! You can also see the quality of my own face ups. Well, it's not THAT bad but I seem to have trouble getting eyebrows where they belong...

Hope you see improvement xP


  1. Vitsit Ääkkis on kyllä kasvanut matkan varrella :D. Vaikka mukavan piristävä sateenkaari onkin ollut, tykkään myös ihan kamalasti tuosta nykysestä tyylistä.

    1. Hii, näin kyllä on :D Eka nukkehan tuppaa olemaan vähän sellainen kokeilukappale. Kyllä omaan makuunkin tuo nykyinen maanläheinen satupoika on se paras styyli pojulle :-3 Kiitokset kommentista!