Saturday, March 22, 2014

Asia calls

Although this is not directly doll-related, I'm just too hyped up about this *3*

This summer will be really one of a kind, since we (me and my husband) have booked a trip to Asia in July <3 We'll first go to Seuol (South Korea) and from there to Tokyo for a couple of days. I'm so excited as you can obviously tell :D

I'm trying to locate Cafe Bluefairy at least and pay them a visit. I'm a little bit nervous though as I speak just few words of Korean, but I'm sure we'll manage with basic English words and waving our hands.

In Tokyo I'm hoping to go for some fabric / crafts shopping. Then we'll probably locate some interesting attractions and of course eat lots of delicious Asian food.

So very exciting! I thought I'd use this blog to share photos and a travel story, so that's something to wait for <3

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