Friday, March 7, 2014

Flowers and vintage frills

This can only mean more Amita, no? There were just too few photos of her, so you know what's coming:

Darling Amita

The book of secrets


Darling Amita II

Green-eyed and sorrowful

I'm hoping to pick up a new dress set for her soon, I'm just too impatient to create megafrills in SD size myself. Once it arrives and we get a proper spring, I really want to take her outside for a photoshoot. She is a forest spirit after all <3


  1. Oh, I didn't even know you had such a beauty! Very very pretty pictures. That book also looks exciting, where is it from? :>

    1. Thank you, yep, I just haven't photographed her a lot :-3 The book is from Olde Hansa's shop in Tallinn's Old town :)