Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girl with hooves


Girl with hooves

Idris is finally ready, phew, this took a while! I asked the Finnish face-up-artist varjostin to do my Soomlings' faceups for the first time, and she did an excellent job. She has a great style which goes very well with my taste in dolls, so I think you'll see more of her work with my dolls in the future ;)

Kivi's head works very well with Idris, since I think she's very a gentle and happy girl even though her life's quite difficult and lonely. I don't know what exactly she is, she has Leeke's fox ears and horse hooves, so ummm...some sort of magical dream ponything, maybe? xD; Her twin brother Sindri (I call him 'Adanor' since he's Adamelli head + Nor body) is also faceupped, but the poor boy has no clothes and I'm not sure about his eyes...we'll see.


  1. Oh, Idris sure looks like your other little ones, somewhat :D Cuuuuute! I like the fresh and warm feeling I get from that pic :) And awwww those mice! Almost makes me want to change my future hamster plans into mice ;) Almost, but those critters would be too easy targets to our cats and not so easy to handle for the kids. But luckily I can admire yours <3

    1. Hehe, thank you! I'm totally smitten by mice, but yeah, they're not maybe the best pet for the little kids since they can be quite fast xD (They don't jump or bite though, luckily!) Ours are quite fun and they all have their own personality <3