Sunday, January 29, 2012

It is here!

A proper Finnish winter it is! There's a ton of snow (my commute trips have been long and interesting) and it's also fairly cold even here. I had great plans to go outside today, but then I looked at the thermometer and decided that actually our balcony is just fine :B


I like winter

Aegis is the one with most winter gear so he got the honour to be my photography victim today. I think his new dorky hat from Angell-studio fits him very well <3 We've come a long way together, haven't we? It's funny to think that I've owned him since 2006 and never even thought of selling him. I don't think I could be without him, the other two key BJDs are Meital and Uncle K.


Luckily my dress is warm

I purchased some knitting patterns from Myfairydolly on Etsy, and here's one almost ready for Enne. It wasn't very hard to make, the only problems I had were with reading knitting abbravations in English xD The next project shall be a similar dress for Unni, luckily I got some nifty sock yarns from my mom this X-mas. Whee!

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