Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh sweet Estonia


I visited Tallinn yesterday with Xaya and our spouses. Our idea was to check out their local craft stores, and oh boy, oh boy *_* Well, the photo tells it all. The selection was superb, and the prices were great, so I bought a ton of stuff, especially mohair yarn skeins :3 The fabrics were not much cheaper than in Finland, but everything else, especially laces, beads, muscles still hurt from dragging all that back home, but so worth of it! Can you maybe spot what's my favourite colour these days? ;)

Yeah, it's mint green. We're already planning the next trip since I ran out of space and couldn't concentrate on their laces very well. And now just need to think what to do with all this stuff!

Jos joku kaipailee neuvoja miten noihin aarreaittoihin pääsee Tallinnassa niin kysellä saa :) Kävelymatkan päässä keskustasta löytyy Tarton maantien varrelta kolme isoa kauppaa, joista etenkin Karnalüks on melkoinen paikka.

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