Saturday, February 18, 2012

Double the little trouble

I invited some dolly friends today to do crafts together, eat sweets and gossip ^^ We had a fun time, and jesmo brought along some of her tinies which go very well with mine ;3

Double the trouble

Our Strawberry Didis <3

Hello, sis

And my Enne and her Nene who is a Pukifee Bonnie. They are sisters, that's why their names rhyme. You can spot Enne's new pretty wig from Dollheart (it wasn't easy to find a perfect mint green wig in her size!) and a duck from Luts. Quack!

I managed to finish a pair of horrible knitted socks for Niko and hope to be able to shoot some kind of a story tomorrow xD; It's been a while, and I've missed story-making so's hoping all goes well.

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