Sunday, March 15, 2015

The first Azone girls arrived

Yay, they're both here - Chiika hit the customs but that was expected and all ransoms kindly paid ^^ I quickly dug through my boxes to get 'em something to wear and took photos today to introduce my new girls.


Maite II

This is Maite, Princess Chiika. I chopped off her default hair because I plan to re-wig her and needed to check the best size. So she'll temporarily wear this extra one I have, poor thing. Luckily Dollwig promised to ship her new shiny lavender hair very soon *3* (If you're curious, I think their 4 - 4.5 is a good size for Azones! It's bit tight so it takes some wiggling, pulling and squishing her poor vinyl head, but it stays on really well.)

She'll be a fairy kei girl with tons of pastel, nothing surprising there I guess...xP


Shiri II

And Shiri, who I bought nude and secondhand from Ebay. She's "Chersire Cat Aika" (I know! But Azone spelled it like that on her box xD). I don't yet know her style, but I'm thinking of something pastel goth-inspired. Her silver hair would look cool with black and purple, no? <3


Ah, they're so cute! And they're apparently planning to invite some friends and relatives over xD; Sly little things...


P.S. Now look at what Re-ment is releasing:

Sailor Moon Re-ments! Argh, one of my guilty pleasures...I need some. At least Usagi's and Chibi-Usa's sets. Let's cross fingers and hope they'll be available in Ebay after the official release and with reasonable prices. I don't really need the whole package. Or do I?

P.P.S. I have no idea why the image quality is so bad in this post, sorry :< Blogger and Flickr are not friends today, it seems.


  1. Cuties <3 They kinda look like sisters now with matching hair and eye colors~ Looking forward to seeing what they end up looking if these are not their finished styles :3 And oh are they already inviting friends over? XD

    1. Thank you! Yep, I originally thought they could be sisters, but right now they seem like a couple xD Well, Chiika will get a different hair so they won't be so alike...

      Unfortunately they're whispering nasty things to my ear :D When the budget allows, I know I want another Chiika and some brown-haired cutie to be a mori girl. Grahhhh, these things are addicting...

  2. Ihania nämä pikkuisesi! :) Hauska huomata, että Azonet alkavat yleistymään Suomessakin. Ehkä joskus niitä olisi niin paljon että saisi miittiäkin kasaan!

    Saako haluta nuo kaikki Sailor Moon re-mentit u_u <3

    1. Hii, kiitoksia! Jos ikinä eksyt pääkaupunkiseudulle niin täällä varmaan muutama keräilijä löytyy joiden kanssa kahvitella ja ihkutella ^^

      Minä yritän vähän vältellä etten vaan ostaisi koko settiä, mutta ihania ovat kaikki ;3; <3 Tahtoooooo...

  3. I love what you did with Chiika's hair!

    1. Thank you! <3 Hum, did you mean Chiika or Aika, maybe Aika since I didn't do anything special with Chiika's hair? ^^ (Aika is the silver-haired girl, Chiika's the one with white hair in these.)

    2. Oh thought Chiika's white wig was new! They are both adorable though! :)