Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter holidays - random

What a treat - I have a long winter vacation (two weeks, yay) <3 I've spent it mostly by playing Dragon Age: Inquisition though. Damn that game is addicting! I play an elven mage guy who to no one's surprise ended up with Dorian. Dorian is my favourite. Oh come one, a posh Freddie Mercury mage guy, how could you not love him to bits...

Ahem, and back to the actual topic. I've managed to snap some doll photos also during my vacation, so here we go:

A pink magpie

I got this wig originally for my Heliot, but no, didn't work out. So I gave it to Kr├╝mlen because he has no style sense anyway, and he looks quite cute with it.

Cookie thieves

Cookie thieves Aegis and Pio!

Warm winter

Aegis' knitted socks. 1.5mm knitting needles / Kid mohair / pattern from here.

Not cold


And finally some outdoor snaps of Meital. Had to take my chance when we still had some snow + not too cold weather for my DSLR :) I switched her feet to those high heel ones, and now she's very sturdy. Love it!

Now this is a doll-ful start for 2015. Hope to keep this up <3


  1. Gosh *o* pictures of Meital are gorgeous <3 What a Snow Queen!

    1. Thank you! <3 Yeah, her color scheme (white :D) goes very well with snow *3*