Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shared, cared


I don't know exactly how this happened, but yes, apparently I own a special-skinned SD boy now too :D No excuses except he is very pretty. His name is Shimral, and he is Hecate's advisor. A demigod representing the night, the darkness and all things logical and cold. He has a brother, Sahitun (my Soom Heliot) who's the day, the sun, the emotion and such. Shimral is by no means evil, but he has difficulties understanding emotions, sexuality and love. He is the sense if his brother is the sensibility.

Whoops, sorry for the blabber...his doll form is Spiritdoll Dark, by the way.


I first thought that he could have just a casual relationship with his mistress, just because she's a hot lady who likes pretty boys. But as I took this shoot, well, there is definitely lots of everything else involved. Hecate is a complex character full of layers like an onion, but one thing is sure - her heart is very lonely, and there has never been anyone truly in it. Maybe that will change?

The pictures are slightly NSFW in nature so I placed them behind a cut. (Trust me, thanks to Spiritdoll "special parts" they could be much worse though xD).

Sharing I

Sharing II

Sharing III

Sharing IV

Sharing VI

Sharing VII

These two <3

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