Sunday, January 18, 2015

January crafts

Nothing grande though - my daily job started, and it naturally takes most of my time and energy. And after a long day at work, I still have household chores and other things to care for. Ah, the joy of being an adult...and of course if I have some extra time on weekdays, I'll continue my adventure in Dragon Age ;P

But I've made some things for the dolls:

Butterfly with spikes

A spiked hairband for Liduse, inspired by pastel goths. This wasn't very hard, but pulling the rubber string through the beads took their toll on my hands >_> (The string had to be quite thick so that the whole thing is sturdy enough). Well, what do they say, no pain, no gain...

Meow in mint

And a commission through Etsy for a mint-coloured kitty hat in Jun Ai / Pocketfairy size. Suits Griselda so well that she might get her own too ^^

To my displeasure it seems that both my Pocketfairy girls need new strings...graah. I really don't like restringing, especially small BJDs, but they are getting quite hopeless. Could they just magically do it themselves? Pretty please?

Edit: I've been trying to improve my blog's labels because right now they are just a mess, but Blogger doesn't make it very easy :<

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