Sunday, December 22, 2013

Daddy's little girl

I took some snaps of Apsu and Lochesh, my daughter-and-father - pair. Apsu returned from jesmo's face up spa and is looking like, well, herself.

Apsu up close

Daddy with her daughter

What does the duck say?

They are so cute *3* Just missing the mom, but her doll form should get completed the next year, hopefully. (She's not my doll.) Then we can take cute family photos, and maybe I could share a little bit about the characters too. They are from our RPG "The Line" which is basically uh, just me and my friend having fun with our (doll) characters.

I dunno if this is interesting, but Lochesh is Meital's big brother so Apsu is her niece. I should take more family photos :)

I probably also should look for new eyes for Apsu. She currently has a pair of Soom silicone eyes which are somehow...odd, I dunno. She probably would look much better with urethane eyes, I hope.

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