Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meital's new body: Sadol / Little Monica hybrid ahead!

I recently bought myself Sadol's Dal-Ha from a fellow hobbyist, because, well, do I really need a reason? xD; She is damn pretty, and her body is to die for. And she has squinty eyes, and I needed another SD girl for my story project. I haven't yet paid her in full and she lacks the perfect wig, so no photos, but I did snatch away her body for Meital.

Warning, naked doll under the cut!

Hello there, babe

Their white resins are a perfect match <3 And when you add a neck piece, this hybrid works like a charm. Dal-Ha got Meital's old LM body; it's yellowed but I don't think it's too bad especially as Amita is supposed to wear quite covering frilly clothes. I want Sadol's new hands for both of them!

The art in the background is a paper sketch from Imagine and Do which I really should finish soon.

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  1. Hello! Sorry, this is like really late, but you're the only person I could find with this hybrid >_<
    How well does it work? And could I ask about that neck piece? Is it a silicone kip? And what size is it...?
    Sorry for all the questions!!