Saturday, February 2, 2013


Like I said, yet another new doll came my way. I've funded Finland's custom office very well this month, maybe they'll send me a T-shirt or something?



Angst aside, Shua is here, my May Valentine. I bought her through Pupa*Casa's special white choice event where you were able to purchase some limited molds in WS, body of your choice and some extras. Of course I cried after Sleeping Sarang too but May-V came first since I've always loved this sculpt, and it was a fantastic chance to get her just as I wanted. She's so very beautiful *3*

Her character idea is a dream fox, I took off her ears because of the hat, something quite inspired from The Little Prince and Japan's kitsune (fox) spirits. She sleeps in her own little mint-coloured moon during the days and hops in the dream world by night, planting cookies everywhere. She's a kind soul but slightly mischievous like foxes tend to be and doesn't always understand how feelings work.

Unfortunately as she arrived, I took a look at my collection and decided that it's time to do a little change. Her style is so close to my Minimay's that I decided that Minimay can go. I love May sculpt very much, but four versions of this sculpt are maybe bit too much...

I traded Minimay (Gretel) to something small, catlike and grumpy. My first anthro doll, can't wait!

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  1. Do you still have three Mays though? :D Pictures of all them together? Pretty please?