Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yet more new arrivals

Is it just me or are most of my posts these days about new dolls? It might be, yikes. I did a head count, and I have 26 dolls these days. That's quite the number :B I'm trying to slow it down since I'm running out of shelf space, and even my dear patient husband has noted that "I have plenty of dolls". Okay, I'm addicted xD

But let's present the newcomers anyway:

Krümlen says hi

The magpie brothers

Okay, Krümlen isn't technically a new doll, it just took a while to get him faceupped and ready. He's Dollgru #11 on Volks Kyotenshi body, Krähe's big brother, a magpie and an angsty, angry boy who writes homoerotic vampire stories in his mother's basement. Or used to write before their mother ran off with a local nightmare demon and left him, so he has to survive on his own now. Of course he came to bother Krähe, and those two just don't get along. He considers himself a great artist and complains all the time that the world just doesn't understand him or his art.



Tirlittan II

And my combined Christmas / birthday present for myself arrived too *3* She's new Tirlittan, Leeke's Ariana in snow skin, a doll with a huge butt and even bigger head. Some may remember that I used to own Dollzone's Tintan called Tirlittan, and there is something similar in her features. So this is sort of her new form. She's interesting to pose but not as bad as I thought, Leeke has constructed her very well.

I wish I could promise this is all, but I have yet another doll shipped to me xD Maybe she's the last one for a promises though.

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