Sunday, April 22, 2012

Roses, sequins, beads


Mint for her too

Here are some shots of new hat designs I've been preparing. Okay, that PF-sized kitty rose hat is mine, but the rest are going to this year's Ldoll festival for sale. I'm really into making those ribbon roses now although mine aren't very tidy. I know the proper way of making 'em, but I'm lazy, so I just usually take some ribbon and whip it around. I think they look better with some, uh, chaos added xD (and usually when I'm around, there's plenty of chaos!)


Tallinn was great again! We visited all those three big craft stores, Karnalüks, Abakhan fabrics and Kangadzungel. This time we took a taxi from the harbour to the are where the stores are located and shopped to our hearts' content! I got some new lace, yarns (this time no mint green!), embroidery threads, random sewing accessories like buttons and uh...tons of beads and sequins which are so cheap in Tallinn it's not even funny ;3; Afterwards we went to have some coffee and snacks at local Stockmann's cafe which is a nice place, fair prices and tasty stuff, and it was almost empty even they had of course their local Hullut Päivät.

Then we walked to Virukeskus and shopped some random things, I got myself a bright neon yellow Konad nail polish and earrings from Hello Kitty store. After picking up some salad and random refreshments it was time to head to our ship cabinet, eat, relax and admire our purchases. Definitely an awesome trip!

I put some photos of my purchases to my Tumblr as I think they have much better photo interference than Blogger :-3


And now I have many small projects to finish o/

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