Monday, April 9, 2012

Mister Gravity


Here for the first time - and for the last time as I took this photo for his sale post. Nifty and personal head with lots of character, but unfortunately all too small to work with my crew :(

If someone wants to give him a good home, let me know! He is white-skinned, pinky white to be exact, quite small and realistic and a charming fellow. Aria is quitting so you're not able to order him anymore.


Mint with mint

And what's an update without my animal hats? xP This one's a gift for my friend, but I made a similar one, just with kitty ears, for Griselda. Yes, mint again. I'm all for mint these days, for my dolls and for myself! Myself, I've purchased mint skinny jeans, several nail polishes and am even pondering a mint-coloured wig. Yes, for myself. Spring's really coming :D

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