Monday, April 30, 2012


Photo from Doll Chateau
One strange little bird with looooong arms coming this way! <3 I've been eying Doll Chateau's odd, yet beautiful dolls for a while now, and after all I couldn't resist purchasing this little one. Bird, yes, ahem...yes, she's a bird - AGAIN. I seem to have some kind of obsession with bird dolls as I currently have six dolls whose characters all different kind of birds. Ravens, magpies and pigeons to be exact. Well, luckily Idris (my Adamelli) is a dream pony, and Gretel and Griselda are mice girls, so I'm not complitely stuck on this bird thing...

I bought some Cernit today, since I always say I suck at sculpting - but the truth is I haven't even really tried. I'm trying to make a pair of geta sandals for Gretel, as I decided to sew her an outfit for the annual hannami party in Roihuvuori's Japanese park. Yukata, some kanzashi and stuff. Here's hoping I get something nice done!

p.s. I decided to name my Hilary Pio, and I really don't know why. I just think she looks a lot like Pio. I'm sure there will be a story behind it, but just not yet!

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