Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fish goes blob

Fish goes blob

Fishfish, my custom Monster High Lagoona by jesmo, worked as my model today. Apparently gloss and vinyl are not the best combination as her lips attract dust and dirt like there's no tomorrow. And it's hard, if not almost impossible, to remove, boo. I don't think it's possible to remove her face paint and get her re-painted, so she'll be like this until the end. Well, BJDs and MHs don't really compare anyway if you ask me :P But I still like playing with my two MH girls sometimes, they're fun dolls.

Kitty hats, attack

Fishy was the closest doll available for this knitting commission where I was asked to create two hats for Fairyland Chicline. It's fun to knit these small hats, so I thought of adding a couple to my Etsy store too. But which size? I no longer have Lati, so humm, maybe Pocketfairy?

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