Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pink half-dragon

I don't remember if I mentioned it here, but I was trying to sell or trade my Adamelli - Nor boy since I didn't really play with him as much as I had wanted. These days it seems that smaller boy dolls don't really get enough attention here, and for now I think I'll keep Aegis (Angelregion Ami, my first BJD ever) as the only smaller boy of the house. But I managed to trade Ada-nor to something very cute!


This is Apsu, Soom Lami, Lochesh's daughter. Her mother is Tiamat, Illves' Migma, which makes her a half-dragon since Tiamat is a dragon and Lochesh is...well, some kind of a dream creature. She's not very bright, unable to talk, but she's very social, friendly and happy little girl. Bleroorgh!

Her father is going through a mold change but he too should be home soon. I thought to try to give him a faceup myself, although I'm still not good ^^; But I've invested in some tools so I really should put them to an use, and Lock should be the easiest of my dolls to faceup since his style is very natural.

But Lami is so cute ^3^

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