Sunday, January 22, 2012

All kinds of crafty projects

I made myself a little promise to update my blog every week even if it feels I haven't done anything special and epic. I would love to (well, as "epic" as my dorky doll characters go) but alas, I still haven't got any great ideas how to continue my story projects. So their winter hiatus shall continue until I come up with new ideas and how to turn them into the form of a BJD photo story. That isn't always so simple ^^;

But meanwhile I've played with the smaller ones and done some craft projects:

Harem pants

I was commissioned to create a pair of harem pants for Soom Little Gem boy, ice/winter/cold theme. I wanted something similar that Soom does but with my own style, and I am personally quite happy how these turned out. And so was the buyer <3

The sugar twins

And a pair of dresses for the sugar twins, similar materials and the same pattern but yet slightly different. The sets should have small beaded necklaces as well, but I need to find smaller locks to use :3

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  1. That terrarium looks great! And so do your crafties, cuuuuute <3 I kinda like glass terrariums too, and not only because of the cat issue we have ;) Dunas ARE ugly and unpractical :/ Currently we have one terrarium/aquarium empty, it will have a new tarantula as an inhabitant :) One has our ancient gerbil in it and the biggest one is a home for a dozen plus fish ;)