Sunday, January 24, 2016

Liebster Awards, finally!

Hello! I got plenty of tags for the Liebster Award which has been circling around the blogs recently and finally managed to answer them all :D Sorry it took a while, but here we go:

The rules: 
1. Thank the person who presented you the award and link back to their blog.
2. Post the award image on your blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers.
5. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer.
 6. List these rules in your post.
7. Inform the people you chose of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog and link them your post.

The first questions are from safir:

1. Do you prefer enjoying the hobby by yourself or by socializing a lot with other people (meet-ups etc.)? 

Both! I enjoy the company of others a lot and like to meet up, but with my dolls I like to do things my own way and with my own schedule.

2. Do you ever take a doll with you when you travel? 

I do, if I'm planning to photograph or knit something and need a model :)

3. Is there any doll/figure that you didn't like at first, but then later fell in love with? 

Hmm mmm, maybe Kinoko Juice Kikipops? Or actually I liked them first, then thought that they might be too big for me (I didn't really bond with my Pullips or Blythe so I'm bit wary with big-headed dolls). And then as I saw the new releases, I thought I could try anyway :D

4. If you miss a limited doll, do you want to hunt down that exact one or wait for new similar releases? 

Uh, luckily I very rarely fall in love with LEs! But I guess I could wait for a new similar release unless this LE is really hard to replicate.

5. Have you ever thought of quitting the hobby? If so, why? 


6. What company has impressed you the most and why? 

Well, my favourite BJD company is probably Bluefairy, but I wouldn't call their dolls very "impressing", they just have the style I like :D I'll answer Soom, because they really started this fantasy doll genre.

7. If you had to get a doll of some existing anime/movie/game/other character, who would it be? 

Uh oh. I'll answer Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition just because I really like him.

8. Do you prefer male or female dolls/figures?

I have both. I like female dolls better, but I make better male doll / RPG characters.

9. What is the most memorable comment that you've gotten about your hobby? 

Well, I've heard I'm someone's biggest doll idol, and that made me happy and flustered at the same time. (And I sort of wanted to just hide under the table but haha, let's not care about that xD)

10. Which one do you enjoy more - reading or watching TV/movies? 

I rather watch stuff, so I can knit at the same time :3

11. If you had your own doll company, what kind of dolls would you make?

Cute fantasy dolls with lots of sparkle and pastels, of course!

The following questions are from DollsDolour:

1. What is the last picture you took with your phone or camera? 

*checks* A picture of a doll cardigan I'm knitting, for Instagram.

2. Best compliment you have received? 

That I inspire other people a LOT.

3. What are your plans for your doll(s) this year? New wigs, clothes, new dolls? 

I need to finish my layaway for Peakswood's Kass and buy a lady from Impldoll as new Hecate. I'm planning to order that new Kikipop once they're released, and I'll probably get some more Azones just because. New wigs and clothes are of course mandatory - luckily I just got rid of plenty of extra wigs I've had laying around.

4. What is your perfect pizza? 

Tomato sauce, cheese, champion mushrooms, pineapple (!!!), fresh tomatoes, pesto and feta cheese.

5. Which doll would you get if you could, not matter what? Why? 

Hum, I have all my biggest grail dolls already, so I don't know for now...maybe that new Iplehouse H.I.D. body in tan skin. I want to replace that old EID body so bad >_>

6. What kind of music do you listen to? 

I have a varied taste, but recently I've been mostly listening to instrumental anime/game OSTs.

7. What cheers you up? 

Chatting stupid stuff and plotting character stuff with my friends, coffee, sugary things, my husband and watching our pet mice doing silly things.

8. What is your favorite word and why?

I like Finnish words related to snow such as Tuisku, Hanki, Nietos, Lumi - they sound so pretty!

9. Have you ever felt that your hobby is too much and that you do not connect well with your dolls? 

Not really ^^ Sometimes I'm too busy with my IRL stuff, but I'm trying to do whatever I can when I have the time :3

10. You are going for a trip, a week long, and you can only take ONE doll with you. Which one and why? 

Humm, I'd probably get one of my Pureneemos because of their size ^^

11. What's your earliest childhood memory?

I remember my first toys, I used to have a baby doll Pekka and a teddybear called Niina. (Such unoriginal names, I know xD).

And then we have Xaya:

1. What sort of book would you make from your dolls? 

Ah, a fantasy story, of course :D I've written about my characters some, so it would be the same size, just long enough to be a book.

2. What size of doll would you prefer if you could only have one size? 

Uhhhhh....well, judging from my current crew, I think it would be SD-size. They just represent my characters the best. Although the smaller ones are really nice as well!

3. Have you ever been in doll event? (Dolls Party, LDoll, etc)

No. I'd like to go, but I have some issues about travelling, as I tend to stress too much about such things :D I'd need someone to keep me company and help me to keep my worrying streak in control.

4. Do you have nicknames for your dolls?

Yes, they do! Kaamos is usually uncle K., Meital is Meitsku, Mirwaise is Mirkku, Aegis is Ääkki, Shimral is Shimppa, Hecate is just "auntie", Lochesh is Lokki, Adriel is Addy and so on :D Some of their nicknames are official and some are just names I call them when I talk about them with my friends.

5. Is there anything that you'd like to learn to make yourself for your dolls that you currently don't? (Clothes, shoes, face up, furniture etc).

Faceups and customizations, definitely! Of course I'd love to do furniture as well, but I think it might require tools and space I just don't have.

6. If you would bump into dolls NOW and find them interesting, which doll would you buy? And is it different than the one you did? 

Oh, probably a fantasy doll from Soom, I guess. And yes - Angelregion is out of doll business, I think?

7. Have you been belittled by anyone because you have dolls?

No, never. I'm quite selective to whom I tell about my dolls and usually share them with just people with nerdy interests who I know will understand unusual hobbies.

8. Where do you photograph your dolls? Do you have favourite spot in/out? 

I have a spot in our apartment where there is space and light, and usually set up a background there. I also go outdoors, of course, and we have plenty of forests around us. I like places which are quiet, I cannot stand curious passerbys ^^;

9. Do you keep your dolls out of sight or somewhere where you can see them continuously? 

They are in our shelf, and I see them all the time. I enjoy looking at them, I could never keep them in boxes.

10. Is there one doll that got away? Why? 

No, not really <3 My Bluefairy tan Didi was harder to get, but luckily I got her as well :D

11. Are you happy how your dolls look or do you want to change their looks all the time?

I like their styles, but sometimes I get bored of their old look and want to buy new wigs and stuff to refresh them a little bit ^^

And these are from Orion:

1. What is the first thing you look for when you're sculpt hunting? 

Well, mostly I look for things I like, like full lips, squinty eyes and such. If I'm trying to dollify an existing character, I'll of course look how much it resembles my character.

2. Name one of your favorite, or your absolute favorite company, and tell us why you chose it? 

These days I guess it's Bluefairy. I just like their dolls and stylings the best!

3. Are you in the hobby because you simply like dolls and think they are beautiful, or is there another reason? 

I like all the creativity this hobby enables. You can paint, sculpt, sew, customize, build, draw, write...well, you can do anything with the dolls! Of course they're beautiful too.

4. Describe how your perfect sculpt would look like! (You can attach an illustration or sketch for fun) 

Uh oh. A girl doll, fantasy resin colour, maybe grey or lavender. Squinty eyes, pouty mouth, lots of soul in her face. A well-sculpted body with some fat on it, wide hips and meaty thigs. Some rolls in her belly would be cute ;3;

5. Choose one doll from your collection that you would part it! And explain why. 

Hum, maybe that I wouldn't part with? I'll pick Kaamos (CP Moon) and Meital (LM Sophia). They're the key characters of my doll story, and I couldn't give up on them!

6. Tell us something interesting about one of your resin family members! 

I have such an interesting problem with Hecate, who will be Impldoll Idol very soon :D Her character is a mother of my three SDs and 55 years old, so I have huge troubles making her look old and chubby enough xD All BJD girls are so pretty and thin!

7. If you were suddenly gifted with the skill of BJD sculpting, what would you name your company? 

Yikes! Probably Fair Children?

8. What is one question you hate being asked in this hobby? 

Although my doll name is Fair Children, THEY ARE NOT MY CHILDREN. Oh dear lord. Well nor are my pets my children. I work with real kids, so I just don't want to compare them and resin dolls.

9. Do your dolls have favorite foods? (you can pick one doll, and share) 1

Oh, interesting! I'll think of something :D

Kaamos - steak with red wine sauce
Meital - pasta with tomato sauce and veggies? (Same as mine, haha.)
Aegis - cake!
Hecate - meat in all its forms

10. What is an aesthetic you hate in BJDs? 

Well I don't really hate anything :D But some art dolls with overly wide hips and narrow waist are no really my thing. (I don't want to name any sculpts though!)

11. And last but not least, do you have anything to say to people in the hobby?

Relax, enjoy your dolls and don't support recasts please xD


Whew, that was a lot! I will not tag anyone in particular as I'm sure everyone's been tagged already, but I did make 11 questions in case you want to answer them <3

1. Your favourite hot beverage (coffee, tea, cocoa, anything else)?

2. What's your favourite resin colour?

3. If you could design any fantasy doll, what kind of doll would you make?

4. Do you collect just BJDs or other dolls as well?

5. What's your favourite clothing style on dolls? (Casual, lolita, fairy kei for example?)

6. Do your dolls resemble you in any way?

7. Do you write a background story for your dolls, or are they just dolls? If you do, is it a complex one or just something simple? What genre?

8. Do you have twin dolls aka two or more of the same sculpt?

9. How many doll shoes do you own?

10. Do your dolls have just one wig, or are there many and they switch?

11. Have you met people through this hobby who have become your friends or even more?

That's all, I think!


  1. so many people tagged you, you famous lovely you XD!

    Loved to read your answers :D!

    1. Thank you! *blushes* Got so many interesting questions! <3

  2. You're very popular o3o ~
    Oh the new HID body is certainly very pretty, but it's even taller than the EID D: D: I didn't even know how to handle that super heavy EID back when I had one~ ahahaha

    1. Haha, I might be xD

      Yeah, it is! <3 It actually fits my character and I don't mind as I never take my EID anywhere either xD (He won't fit in my carrying bag.) Huge and heavy boy!

  3. Paaaljon kysymyksiä, näitä oli mukava lukea :3 Meillä on kanssa ihan ihme lempinimiä nukeilla (Umppa, Potta, Reiska, Saska, Ronski, Unski jne.) millä puhutaan näistä keskenään XD

    Toi on kyl ihan totta, että ärsyttää aina jos joku ajattelee että nää nuket ois kuin jotain lapsia tai niitten korvikkeita... Mietin aina ekana noita Sadun muskelipartaukkoja, aika kauniita lapsia :'D

    1. Urpot lempinimet nukeilla on parasta! :D

      Joo, mullakin kun on noita äijänukkeja ja osa vielä tuommoisia outoja pahiksia niin aina vähän ARGH olo jos joku olettaa niitä joksikin lapsenkorvikkeeksi xD Terkkuja Sadun ihanille partalapsukaisille!

  4. So many tags!!
    Loved your answers, and I agree with you about traveling!!

  5. HOOO Tosi kiva lukea vastauksesi kaikkien kysymyksiin. :D

    Hauskat lempinimet! :D Ääkkis on niin paras <3

    1. Kiitos, kyllähän tuossa tovi vierähti xD Ääkki now and forever!

  6. Oh wow, you got hit with the tag machine! But it was great to read your answers. Have you seen some of the newer Azone releases coming out this year? The Green Gables series for one...

    I love to look at Bluefairy dolls. I don't own any myself but maybe one day I might try to get one of the pocket dolls on the sugar body but that might be a long time away.

    1. Haha, I sure did! And I have - nothing I must definitely have yet, but lots of cute dolls! (I'm trying to be picky!)

      Oh, I definitely recommend PFs with a Sugar body, they're a fun size! <3