Sunday, May 12, 2013

Owl amongst the anemones

These are the results of my walk today. I didn't end up going to the spot I originally planned because we already took a long walk with my spouse and a friend this morning. But I did find a pretty anemone field nearby, so I got some photos. There are white anemones everywhere, a sure sign of summer approaching <3

Can you spot me?

Oh, you spotted me!


This is my size

And now I hide again


We found so many interesting and pretty spots today, so I hope I'll get to shoot lots of outdoor stuff this summer.

This isn't very doll-related, but I just wanted to squee over the fact that we booked a trip to Riga (Latvia's capital city) for the beginning of July. I haven't travelled much with my spouse, and I love Estonia, so I'm sure Riga will be exciting. Any of my readers visited there? Any recommendations of what I should definitely see and do?


  1. Adorable photos, I love these flowers and your owley-thingy looks so cute among them.