Monday, July 25, 2011

Pukifee swap, summer 2011

Although I don't browse Den of Angels so much these days, there is one thing that I try to find there - the Pukifee swaps! I think I've participated in all of them, and all have been a great experience. This summer's swap was called Hopes and Dreams, and we got some really nice things :3

Pukifee swap haul

Pukifee swap haul II

Peppermint is good

A BJD-scaled dollhouse (just how cool is that?) and three cute dresses for a precious bobblehead <3 I have actually been looking for a dollhouse prop, so it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you, shiatar, and I hope there will be more swaps in the future :3

p.s. A random funny thing: when I put together my swap gift, I ordered some miniature doll cookies from Ebay. I was very amused when they arrived in a letter closed with some yellow tape stating OPENED BY THE CUSTOM'S OFFICE. I would have liked to see the face of the custom's officer who carefully opens my letter and alas, discovers no drugs but a jar of miniature cookies. The things people order!

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