Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Small boleros

I've been making small boleros for my Bluefairy PF Didi twins, so I took some quick shots:

Little boleros

Warmly pink

Warmly pink 2

Little My?

I used 1.5mm needles and these Chinese yarns again. They're excellent for doll knitting, by the way, cheap and last forever. I've made a SD-sized sweater out of one skein :D If there only were more colours...

Have a happy autumn, everyone!


  1. Tosi söpöjä boleroita ja ihanissa väreissä! ♥ Sopivat mainiosti kaksosille :3

  2. Niin suloista jälleen kerran! ♥
    Hyvää syksyä myös sinne päin ^^

  3. Aww miten kauniita kuvia, ihania sirisilmäisiä tyttösiä. ♥

  4. Such great work, it looks so tiny and delicate, I'd definitely buy some of the stuff you knitted if you made some SD-sized things! :D

    Also I love your bob-haired girl xD That wig is just sooooo adorably styled x3

  5. Oh those look really good. I'm in awe that you knit in that size. They are so tiny. And your PF girls on this body tempt me. I've always liked this size from Bluefairy and have kept looking at this combination for a while. How do you find them?

  6. Those boleros are lovely, you have a lot of talent with knitting~ I'm very impressed with the scale, they must be super tiny!

  7. Ihanat noi bolerot!! Voi vitsi kun en ite osaa tehä mitään... ( ;___; ) Mutta sentään saa ihailla muiden harrastajien upeeta kädenjälkeä! ^w^