Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cake, lolitas and little fairies

My friends and I visited Kakkugalleria yesterday dressed up in lolita / fairy kei. Photos of our outfits can be spotted from Tumblr again :3 Damn I wish it was easier to apply multiple photos on Blogger in a pretty way...oh well, then again I don't feel comfortable writing lots of text to Tumblr since people will reblog that blabber too xP No dolls this time, but we joked that my wig looks like Leeke's human size wig! Yeah, the colour and quality is very similar. We had a great time, although I didn't eat so much cake. I had one slice and drank three big cups of coffee <3


Photo from Sora*iro
And back to topic...aren't those new Pocketfairies from Sora*iro just adorable? I especially like Didi, luckily I already have her. Noma looks a lot like May too, so I'm able to skip her too. Tinyfairy May is also really adorable! Those little bowtie bags <3 Gah, this Bluefairy-fever!

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