Name: Elina or E.
Alias: Fairchildren or a variation. It's a doll business name, I don't think my dolls are my children :P
Occupation: A geek lady

I've been in the doll hobby since 2006 properly. I started off with collecting some Pullips, but I sold them after switching totally to BJDs. My first BJD was Angelregion Ami boy (I still own him!) and it's been downhill ever since ^^; Currently my resin collection has about 30+ BJDs in all sizes. I own one Blythe, some Monster Highs and recently got interested in Azone Pureneemos.

I have a varied taste, but I tend to go for cute, pastel-themed dolls. I used to write a lot of bad fantasy stuff when I was younger, so I'm still a story maker, and most of my dolls have a background story of a kind. I also love to style and create things for them. I've been making knitted stuff for dolls for a while, and I run a small Etsy business which helps me fund my dolls.

My favourite BJD company seems to be Bluefairy, but I own lots of dolls from different companies.

Other nice things: Anime, Asian cultures and street fashions (lolita, fairy kei and mori kei), coffee, cute stuff, Dragon Age series, My Little Pony, Pokémon, Sanrio (Little Twin Stars!).

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