Sunday, May 22, 2016

Little dragon's dream

Today I finally had some dolly time again and a warm pretty weather, so I went outside to photograph Apsu. There aren't too many photos of her, I know :/ We have some small bonding issues, as her baby pink resin yellowed into perfectly normal NS colour. She's supposed to be a half-dragon, so I'd prefer her in some nifty fantasy colour. I may switch her to another Teenie Gem in the future (maybe Soom could make a purple Lami? :D). I do like her face though a lot! <3

Little dragon's dream




Where's my luck?

Mr. Quack

I think she's dreaming in these photos - she wouldn't go outside in the forest to play without her parents, never! But in dreams anything is possible, apparently...

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Introducting Hiu!

A slightly belated blog post ahead, but better late than never, no? xD

I recently finished a larger sewing project, so finally I can show some photos of Hiu. She's Pipos Dreaming Mari whom I traded off my Elfdoll Catsy, uh...almost three years ago ^^; Well, it definitely took a while to get her faceupped and completed, but here she is:


Hiu II


Hiu IV

Hiu V

Her dress (apart from the scarf) is made by me - it's complitely handsewn, as that old vintage silk is very fragile. I dyed the border lace with tea and painted those metal wings with nail foils and gloss. No wonder this took a while ^^;

Hope you like her! ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Strawberry milk! (Azone Kikipop arrival)

I preordered this little duck-faced cutie from Amiami almost immendentially when they started taking orders - and got her home last week. She's Vanamo, Kikipop Sunny Bunny Date Ichigo Milk version ^^ Her name means "twinflower" in Finnish, I wanted to give her a Finnish natural name with a pink theme. She is very pink :D

Sweet pink bunny

Sweet pink bunny 2

Sweet pink bunny 3

Sweet pink bunny 4

She'a fun size and very sturdy, I really like her! The only bad thing about her is that she's unable to sit at all xD Her other hip joint bends a little bit (not great) but the other one is just...stuck. Well, I was told that Kikipops can't really sit, so I knew it beforehand ^^ They're super cute and stand very sturdy :-3 She even came with a stand which she doesn't really even need.

I had original plans to customize her, but her eyes are actually really nice and sparkly in real life, and her wig is great quality and so smooth <3 So I'm keeping her as she is and save the customization plans for the next doll, maybe xD I did sell parts of her stock outfit (dress and shirt) so she wouldn't be 100% stock. Need to sew her a new dress, definitely! No worries, I didn't part with her super-adorable bunny cape ;3; It's one of the reasons I bought her.

Now I just want to make her loads of stuff :3

Sunday, March 20, 2016

My precious protector

My precious protector

I picked up a new wig for Meital yesterday <3 Her old ones are so worn out, so I got her a new shiny one from For my doll. The wig quality and colour are superb! Of course there is hair everywhere, but it can't be avoided in these kind of wigs xD (I use a soft baby brush + water spray can to tame it.)

So I wanted to snap some shots with her and her kitty, Malva, who also has new stuff from Ylang Garden ^^

My precious protector II

My precious protector III

My precious protector IV

Playtime for Malva! <3


A little info about their characters: Malva is not actually a cat, nor her real name is Malva. She's a seraph who was left behind and forgotten in an ancient great war. I haven't yet found out how she came to live with Meital, but I know she truly and geniously loves Meital. That's why she looks like a little mint green kitten, because she takes her physical form from her mistress's wishes :D Well, she doesn't complain, I think she's perfectly happy as a little cute cat ;3


Sunday, February 28, 2016

A qilin in the spring

What a perfect weather for doll photography today <3 Sunny and warm enough to survive without gloves a while - yet the snow was powdery and rather dry. I took Idris outside for a change:

A qilin in the spring

A qilin in the spring 2

A qilin in the spring 3

A qilin in the spring 4

A qilin in the spring 5

Thanks for looking!:3

p.s. I decided that Idris is a qilin/kirin rather than just random magical creature, as she has horse hooves and deer antlers xD A good excuse to buy all kinds of Asian costumes for her, no? She's rather shy and rather hides in the dream world, but spotting her is a good omen and will bring you some good luck.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February knittings

As the title promised, here are some recent knitting projects I've done ^^ Both are commissions, but yes, my own dolls have asked for their own too xD I really like knitting with thin mohairs these days, surely it's time-consuming, but the scale just looks so nice <3

Greyish cardigan

An oversized greyish blue cardigan in SD-size, cable knitting in the sleeves and stuff :3

Purple hoodie

Purple hoodie 2

Purple hoodie 3

Purple hoodie 4

And a light purple hoodie for Soom Teenie Gem, working buttons and lace-trimmed hood. This was the very first hood I've knitted, and it was actually really simple. There will be more of these, as Hilde already ordered a light pink one for herself :D Needy little thing! Well, she deserves it...

Yikes, how yellow she is these days...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's from Birdy!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Or actually in Finland we call this day "a friend's day" which I actually like much better. I already have one sweetheart whom I cherish every day, but it's never a bad idea to remember your friends as well.

I've met so many nice and talented people through this hobby, so here's a collective THANK YOU to all of you <3

I took some pictures of Birdybird (Chisa) in her new Azone kimono set and my Valentine chocolates I got from work (and ate already, haha).

Birdy's Valentine!

Birdy's Valentine 2

Birdy's Valentine 3

Chisa's brave and gutsy smile is my favourite part of her! It will cheer up any day ;3;